Review on Mortal Instruments, City of Bones

I really enjoyed this book and the play on all the childhood fantasies and mythical creatures.  How Cassandra incorporated the creatures into modern day life was excellent and believable.  I thought the plot twist of Jace and Clary being brother and sister was brilliant.  It is a new take on the theme of forbidden love and not being able to have what your heart desires.  The love triangle of Jace, Clary and Simon was ok.  I am not huge fan of love triangles but this one was well developed.  Simon really added a layer of intensity to Clary figuring out who she is and what she wants.

The theme of who family really is was very prevalent throughout the story.  When Jace and Clary found out that Valentine was their father it brought into light what the definition of family is.   Is family blood relation or as Clary defines it with Luke being her father figure, is family really those who have been there throughout your life and nurtured you.

The struggle with Jace and his inner feelings of parental needs toward Valentine were complicated by Valentines ‘evil’ characteristics.  The inner turmoil that Jace was feeling on whether or not he should still consider Valentine as his father was extremely heart tugging.

This story was a classic heroin tale of Clary trying to figure out who she is when all she knows of herself and past life get turned up side down.  It incorporates the mythical themes and intertwines them for an exciting and entertaining read.