April TBR

Well it’s almost April, holy where has the time done!! I have been researching some books that I want to read this coming month.  My TBR kept growing and growing so I thought I would do a short version for April then will post a larger TBR for the spring.  As for April I am pretty excited to delve into a few different genres that I may not have looked at before.  Some of these are friend recommendations!!

  1.  First off is the Dark Tower and the Drawing of the Three- second book in the Dark Tower Series.  I am a huge Stephen King fan and after reading the first book Gunslinger I was hooked.  These books are not your typical King eerie horror books.  It follows Roland the last of a dying breed of gunslingers in his search for the elusive Dark Tower and the fight against evil!   The second book already starts off with mysterious creepy crawlies and formidable death!  Looking forward to seeing what Roland has to face in his seemingly never ending journey.
  2. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer- second book in the Lunar chronicles.  After reading Cinder I was enthralled by the new take on the old fairy tales.   Marissa is so unique in the take on these famous tales that I was instantly drawn into the story and perils of this new world.  The incorporation of technology into the characters, literally, was ingenious.  Scarlet is a retelling of the little re riding hood. Scarlet seems to have lost her grandmother and ensues on a journey to find her,   I look forward to seeing how Cinder in intertwined in this story as we have just left her in a prison fighter for her life.
  3. Vanishing Act by Jodi Picoult. I have never read a book by Picoult – I know how could I have not ?  She comes highly recommended from the girls I work with, all avid readers as well.   This books seems interesting as it explores life and what would happen if what we knew life was got turned upside down.   How would the people we love react?  Very cool concept and I can’t wait to read a new author.
  4. Sleep by Nino Ricci.  This is also a book that I never would have picked up for myself.   It seems delves into the realm of insomnia/ sleep issues.  This is an issue I am well aware of.  I have always has trouble sleeping as I am a shift worker.   It looks like the main character has some neurological issues to accompany this.  He tries to compensate by taking pills and gets addicted to high he gets from risk taking.   Not sure how I am going to find this book but interested to see where it takes me

If anyone has any other suggestions or has read any of these books or books by these authors feel free to leave a comment.  I am always looking for books that are not my ‘typical’ reads so I am excited that I may expand my reading repertoire.