Book review  Drawing of the 3 by Stephen King 

Ok so this is the second book in the Dark tower  series and it is way better than the first one!   It is more action packed and faster paced than Gunslinger.  

Right out of the gate we have Roland face down some creepy crawlies! And loose of his body.  

I loved the take on the doors and how they are portals or views of different worlds and times.  All three doors offered a chance for Roldand to save his life more ways than one.  He brought back Eddie that really saved Roland life on many occasions and in return he saved Eddie from a life of addiction .  He saved Susannah in the end by being her 2 personalities out of conflict.  Finally Morty  offered Roland a chance at redemption to rescue Jack from being killed in his world after Roland let Jack die in Rolands world. 

Now Roland has a crew of new gunslinger to help him on his quest for the elusive tower.  As the reader I am still not 100% sure what the tower represents.  Will it be Rolands downfall or final retribution that will save not only the good in the world but put Rolands troubled soul to rest? We see the pop up of Rolands old family and friends at the end of the book.  Will the tower finally give Rolands the courage to move on and forgive himself for whatever happened in his past.  The third book the waste lands seems like it is going to elaborate more on his past which will make for an interesting read and give a greater understand of what made Rolands the troubled ‘heartless’ person we met in the first 2 books. 

Looking forward to delving into the dark tower quest further! 

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