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Top 5: Best Playlist to Listen to While Reading

Top 5: Best Playlist to Listen to While Reading

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So this may not be a popular blog post but hey why not right? I love listening to music while I read. Yes, I know that the majority of readers cannot listen to anything while reading. I guess I am in the select few who can and enjoy a good playlist. Now not all playlist are reading conducive. It has taken me quite a while to come up with these top 5 playlists. A lot of trial and error when into this post. While these playlist are enjoyable for my reading experience these may not be enjoyable for all. So disclaimer, not everyone may like them. I do hope for those of you who enjoy listening to music to at least try these out.

  1. Lord of the Ring Playlist
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I have found that all the Lord of the Rings’ soundtracks are great for casual reading and even studying. There are no songs with words or repetitive choruses so it is not distracting for me. The instrumental aspect is very relaxing and soothing background noise. I have found the full soundtrack on youtube (link below) as well as Spotify. There are over 13 hours of music so no need to worry about changing playlist when you are just getting into your read. The instrumentation is sensational and immense! It also has a celtic vibe if your into that.

2. Easy Classical playlist on spotify

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This playlist can be found on spotify- which i like using as you can save your favourites thus not having to search for your favs every time. There are quite a lot of numbers orchestrated by the London Symphony Orchestra, Yo-Yo Ma cellist, Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra just to name a few famous ones. It has all your typical classical music by Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi. Sometimes just listening to the instrumental pieces are tranquilizing. There are pieces everyone can recognize as well as pieces I have not heard.

3. Movie soundtracks

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One of my favourite reading playlists comes from movie soundtracks. My absolute fav is on Spotify (as you can see i use this app a lot). It is called “ The fantastic world of movie soundtracks”POTC. Once again there are no lyrics or very minimal occurrences so these are not distracting to the reader. This playlist features soundtracks from some of the most famous movies. Forrest Gump, Gladiator, Avator, Inception,. Braveheart, Da Vinci Code, Titanic, Harry Potter, and the Last Samurai are just a few.

4. Halo Soundtrack

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So for not being a big gamer I do like the soundtracks to all the halo games. They have a space/ galaxy/electronic feel about them making it quite laid back. These once again can be found on Spotify and youtube (link below). It is all instrumental.

5. Reading soundtrack

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This playlist found on Spotify- by the way Spotify has not sponsored this post- is mixed instrumental. It has composers like Hans Zimmer and features some more movie soundtracks. These however are more modern day movies like Mocking Jay, Christopher Robin movie and the new live action Cinderella. Once again this seems to be all instrumental.

I hope this post has given those of you out there who do enjoy listening to music while reading some options you have never heard of. If any of you have favourite playlists of your own I would love to hear about them!! Please feel free to leave comments below. Also if you are the person who does not like listening to music while reading I would love to hear why not.

Happy Reading !!!