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Top 5: Best Playlist to Listen to While Reading

Top 5: Best Playlist to Listen to While Reading

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So this may not be a popular blog post but hey why not right? I love listening to music while I read. Yes, I know that the majority of readers cannot listen to anything while reading. I guess I am in the select few who can and enjoy a good playlist. Now not all playlist are reading conducive. It has taken me quite a while to come up with these top 5 playlists. A lot of trial and error when into this post. While these playlist are enjoyable for my reading experience these may not be enjoyable for all. So disclaimer, not everyone may like them. I do hope for those of you who enjoy listening to music to at least try these out.

  1. Lord of the Ring Playlist
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I have found that all the Lord of the Rings’ soundtracks are great for casual reading and even studying. There are no songs with words or repetitive choruses so it is not distracting for me. The instrumental aspect is very relaxing and soothing background noise. I have found the full soundtrack on youtube (link below) as well as Spotify. There are over 13 hours of music so no need to worry about changing playlist when you are just getting into your read. The instrumentation is sensational and immense! It also has a celtic vibe if your into that.

2. Easy Classical playlist on spotify

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This playlist can be found on spotify- which i like using as you can save your favourites thus not having to search for your favs every time. There are quite a lot of numbers orchestrated by the London Symphony Orchestra, Yo-Yo Ma cellist, Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra just to name a few famous ones. It has all your typical classical music by Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi. Sometimes just listening to the instrumental pieces are tranquilizing. There are pieces everyone can recognize as well as pieces I have not heard.

3. Movie soundtracks

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One of my favourite reading playlists comes from movie soundtracks. My absolute fav is on Spotify (as you can see i use this app a lot). It is called “ The fantastic world of movie soundtracks”POTC. Once again there are no lyrics or very minimal occurrences so these are not distracting to the reader. This playlist features soundtracks from some of the most famous movies. Forrest Gump, Gladiator, Avator, Inception,. Braveheart, Da Vinci Code, Titanic, Harry Potter, and the Last Samurai are just a few.

4. Halo Soundtrack

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So for not being a big gamer I do like the soundtracks to all the halo games. They have a space/ galaxy/electronic feel about them making it quite laid back. These once again can be found on Spotify and youtube (link below). It is all instrumental.

5. Reading soundtrack

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This playlist found on Spotify- by the way Spotify has not sponsored this post- is mixed instrumental. It has composers like Hans Zimmer and features some more movie soundtracks. These however are more modern day movies like Mocking Jay, Christopher Robin movie and the new live action Cinderella. Once again this seems to be all instrumental.

I hope this post has given those of you out there who do enjoy listening to music while reading some options you have never heard of. If any of you have favourite playlists of your own I would love to hear about them!! Please feel free to leave comments below. Also if you are the person who does not like listening to music while reading I would love to hear why not.

Happy Reading !!!

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Book Review: No Exit by Taylor Adams

Book Review: No Exit by Taylor Adams

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This book was popping up all over Bookstagram so I thought I would take a crack at reading it. This is only Taylor’s third novel and wow what a great thriller author. There are so many twists and surprises that this was a fast great read!! Taylor started off being a short film writer and transitions into books. Thank god he did because 2019 would not be a great reading year without this jem!

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Setting the scene: Christmas time in the Rockies. Main character Darby is driving in one hell of a blizzard to visit her mother in the hospital. Darby’s mother is dying of pancreatic cancer. Darby feels guilty as the last conversation her and her mother had did not go well. As the blizzard worsens and her car is skidding in snow she loses a windshield wiper. Darby is forced to stop at a rest stop and this begins the worst night of her life.

At the rest stop she encounters 4 people, a man Ashley, a man Lars and man Ed and his possible wife Sandi -later learn they are cousins. All of them are stuck at this rest stop with an emergency broadcast saying it could possible be 10 hours until snowplows reach them. Darby tries to get a signal to reach her sister at their mother’s hospital bed. Landscape is all trees and a huge cliff. By page 21 Darby sees a cage in a van in the parking lot with a little girl in it. From here on the book is just one tension filled disaster after another!!!

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From her Darby has a decision to make get involved and try and help this girl with no possible backup from the police or be silent and not do anything. If we were in her position, what would be do? Would we try and be a hero with the possibility the kidnapper could kill us or would we not do anything and save our own life. I’m not saying any choice is the correct choice. This would be an extremely hard position to be in. Of course it wouldn’t be an enjoyable book without Darby choosing to save the girl.

She now has to try and figure out which of these 4 strangers has the possibility to be a kidnapper. So to get a better idea, even though she suspects the creepy guy named Lars, she goes back to the van. She breaks in with a shoelace and interacts with the girl. The girls name is Jay and she is in Lars van. Ashley returns to the rest stop needing to get help so she tells Ashley. They concoct a plan to knock out Lars but Ashley doesn’t follow through. When Darby goes back to check on Jay bam she finds out there are 2 kidnappers and guess what, the other is Ashley.

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This starts the book’s cat and mouse game between Darby and Ashley. He is the real brains behind the operation and his brother Lars just follows orders. At this point Darby has a decision to make. Continue to fight for the girl or wait for the plows to hopefully open the roads and report it to the police. Self reflecting the reader may ask his/herself what they would do in Darby’s situation. Would you play the hero and possibly get killed or would you play it safe letting the girl go to her doom.

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It would not be a suspenseful thrilling book if Darby played it safe so off she goes to play the hero. She breaks into the van once again and tries to save Jay but the brothers are onto her following her to the van. She ends up giving Jay her swiss army knife in hopes to cut the ties on her cage. The plot unfolds and we see the shady history of Ashley and Lars childhood with his weird uncle.

Jay told Darby before she gave the knife to her that the brothers chose this rest stop for a reason, it’s not by accident. Ashley demands that Darby find Jay who has now escaped because she will freeze and die in the blizzard, losing the money they would get from the kidnapping. Darby escapes and goes back to the restroom to find Jay there and bam another twist, Sandi was in on the kidnapping the whole time. It turns out she was Jay’s bus driver and helped the brothers plan the ransom gig. Twist after gut wrenching twist.

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In the powerful climax Ashley has shot Ed, pinned Darby in a door all to find the keys to his van so they can get away. Jay and Darby gang up killing Lars. The cops finally show up just as Darby is about to shoot Ashley and shoot her thinking she is the killer, ba ba baaaa!. However justice is served and Jay ends up shooting Ashley in the face. Now here is where our heroine really comes through. Before the passes out in the snow she writes the address of the creepy uncle Ashley is taking Jay to. It turns out that the uncle sells this girls in his basement to sick truckers. Not only did she stop the 2 crazy brothers but she also stopped a sex/ murder ring thus saving girls in the future!!!!

So for those of you who have read No Exit what were your thoughts and feels throughout the book. I for one loved his debut novel and can not wait to read more from Adams. As always feel free to leave any comments below!!

Happy reading!!!

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Book Review: Women Talking by Miriam Toews

Book Review: Women Talking by Miriam Toews


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I know that I normally only posts Mondays but in celebration of reaching 100 followers I decided to do a Special Thursday post!!!! I am so grateful for all of you that follow, comment and like my blogs. Here’s to another 100 followers and more importantly all the book reviews and lists to come. (PS I’m super excited about some of my future content 🙂

There is a lot of hype around Women Talking so I picked it up at the library and gave it a shot. Miriam Toews is a Canadian author! Represent!!! Miriam also wrote A Complicated Kindness and All my Puny Sorrows. Funny enough this book is about the Mennonite community and she was the daughter of Mennonites. Women Talking is based on true events of 2005-2009 in the Manitoba Colony. A group of women stood up to the oppression they faced in their community. It was super interesting to see each woman’s view regarding leaving and how their lifestyle affects their thought process.


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So the premise of the novel starts off with 8 women in a Mennonite colony getting together to discuss their future. They find out that the Mennonite women were being drugged and raped by the men in their colony. As per their culture they are not allowed to stand up to the men. They, for obvious reasons have issues with this. They want to protect themselves as well as their children. They don’t want to feel prisoners in their own home fearing for their lives. So these 8 women from 2 families meet in a barn to discuss their 3 option: say nothing, stand up and fight or leave. They enlist the help of August Epp a colony outcast to write down the minutes of the meeting.


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August uses symbols for the women to understand because as per their ‘culture’ the women do not know how to read and write. August was excommunicated from the community when he was 12 years old for his parents having photos of art art, giving them out and his mother teaching things not approved by the church. August then went to college but got kicked out and thrown in jail. He was homeless and went to the library to research suicide. He met a librarian and she told August that not only did he get rejected from the Mennonite community but it also seems like he got rejected from the worldly community. What a blow would that be? She told him to go and ask for forgiveness from his original community to find peace in his life. This is how he became it outcast taking the women’s meeting minutes.


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The women are already at wits ends in the very beginning of the meeting. Right from the start their religion seems to play a huge role in the pros and cons of each option. They want to keep with their religion and be able to enter the gates of Heaven. However they feel they cannot forgive the men of their community for the acts they have done. The men have not even spared the children. Salome tried to kill one of the men after finding that they violated her 3 year old daughter who now is very sick. They argue that do they not have the right to protect their children while still being true to God and his teachings.

If they choose to leave they will be leaving their children and other women in harm’s way and is this worse than turning a blind eye. You can see how this way of thinking can easily spiral out of control which is not good for the women as they are on a time constraint. The men are only in the city for 2 days trying to post bail for the other men that got charged- the same men Salome tried to kill.


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Throughout the 2 day debacle we see each of the women’s personalities shine through. Some are more vocal and want to fight like Salome while others are quiet and try to think about things rationally like Ona- PS she was one of the victims and how is pregnant because of the rape.

Throughout the novel the comparison the women make of themselves to their livestock is shocking. They think they are of no more value than their livestock their husbands keep. Animals may even be held higher in value. I could not even imagine living in a community where this is the thought. The women learn to rise up and value their lives and their contributions/skills. Overcoming their ingrained views that they are nothing is to me truly heroic and brave.

The logistics of choosing to leave set in. The have to fear that the other women in their community who do not share their views will rat them out to the other men. No unity shown here. They also know nothing outside of the community. They do not even know how to read a map. They have to decide whether or not to take their children and what age to cut off. However they keep going back to the 3 reasons to leave which put their arguments into perspective. These 3 reasons are: Save our children, Keep their faith, and time to think.


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In the end the decision was made to leave after they know for certain nothing would change. Mariche’s husband comes home and wants to sell their horses (the lady’s get away car) to post bail money. After Mariche says she let them out and does not know where they are her husband beats her and her daughter. August finds them a map and uses symbols to depict what are landmarks and directions.


In the end I thought it was kind of sad. August comes back to the community to find peace while the women leave to find it.


As always I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this book. What did you think of the real trials and tribulations that still rock communities in our world?

Happy reading!!!



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Top 5: Summer Reads 2019

Top 5: Summer Reads 2019

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Welcome to another of my top 5 lists. Since summer is just around the corner I wanted to release my most anticipated books of the summer. Nothing is better than feeling the warm sunshine, the smell of the beach or fresh cut grass and a brand new read in your hand. Maybe I’m a bit bias but this is the best feeling as in Canada we do not get many months of truly warm weather. There are so many books being released on the next few months. If I have missed one you are looking forward to I am sorry. Please leave a comment with yours as I always love to grow my TBR. Some of these books are seconds in the series so SPOILERS AHEAD

  1. Children of Vengeance and Virtuve by Tomi Adeyemi

Release Date June 4, 2019

Image result for children of vengeance and virtue

For those of us who loved her first book Children of Blood and Bone I know I cannot wait for this release date. Not everyone may have enjoyed it but there are quite a lot of positive reviews out there. Children of Vengeance takes places right after the epic battle at the temple. Zelie and Amari are on the ship and learn that magic is once again in the land of Orisha. It seems even the nobles who have maji blood have gotten magic. There now is a struggle of uniting the kingdom, maji against noble and everyone is on the same playing field. As Zelie fights to get Amari her rightful throne all they want is peace. As civil war is on the horizon this book promising to be just as action packed as the first. I can’t wait to see how Tomi incorporate magic into the military system of the nobles and how she shows the maji rise up again.!!!!! Epic epic epic!!!

2. The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis

Release Date June 18, 2019

Image result for the lemon sisters by jill shalvis

Sandy toes for the summer, love the book cover!!! This novel follows 2 sisters Brooke and Mindy. Mindy is the perfect child while Brooke the adventourous one. Now grown up Mindy has 3 kids and is the wife of a doctor. She shows up at Brooke’s doorsteps. Mindy wants to trade places for a while so she can get her life back on track. Brooke agress and head back to their hometown of Wildstone with Mindy’s kids. Brooke apparently is just as disheveled and broken and Mindy but hides his as she wanted to make amends with her sister. Back in Wildstone hidden secrets of the past apparently come to back into light. This novel seems to be a tale of 2 sisters reuniting and facing their hometown secrets. I do love me a good family story!!!!

-also written by this author : Rainy Day Friends and Lost and Found sisters

3. The Whispering Network by Chandler Baker

Release date July 2, 2019

Image result for the whispering network by chandler baker

This books seems to play into the me too movement of present day society. It follows 4 women: Stoane, Ardie, Grace and Rosalita. They all work in corporate America and their male boss is up for a huge promotion at their cooperation Truviv Inc.. Apparently his professional life is less than squeaky clean and their a lot of rumors floating around regarding how he treats women. After finding out he is being inappropriate yet again with another woman these 4 women form a pact. They decided to take a stand and set a plan in motion where lies and secrets are uncovered. After all the social media coverage of the me too movement this book already has a lot of traction!!

-also written by this author: Alive and This is not the End

4. The Rabbit Hunter by Lars Kepler

Release Date: July 30, 2019

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This is a thriller/mystery novel that is perfect to freak you out in the nice weather!!!! The novel starts out with the murderer being a ‘virgin’ and stalking his first victim in a garden wearing a mask…spooky much. The novel then goes on to follow an ex detective: Joona Linna. The twists- he is on a high security prison giving this novel a Hannibal Lecter feel. To swap for his freedom he must help catch the murderer now known as the Rabbit Hunter. I love a good cat and mouse thriller. I am hoping this book is filled with twist after twist of tension filled pages.

-also written by this author: The Sandman and the Hypnotist

5. The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

Release date August 27,2019

Image result for the turn of the key ruth ware

So to put how anticipated this read already is, I am number 94 on the hold list at my local library and the release date is not until August !!!!! Rebecca applied to be a live in nanny at the Heatherbrae House. It is a modern ‘smart’ luxury house in the Highlands and of course a picture perfect family lives in it. Twist – turns out this is a horror/murder mystery novel. A child is dead and Rebecca is in jail . She writes from jail trying to tell her lawyer the details of what happened. The children were not picture perfect, the house was creepy and she was left alone a great majority of the time but she is not a murderer but who is? Another tension filled read to load up your summer with!!!

-also written by this author: The Woman in Cabin 10 and The Lying Game !!!

I cannot wait to get my hands on these 5 books this summer. I hope I have added to your TBR list. As above please feel free to comment any others you are excited about reading !!!!

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Happy Reading!!!!!!

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Book Review: The House We Grew up In by Lisa Jewell

Book Review: The House We Grew up In by Lisa Jewell

The House We Grew Up In

After reading Then she was Gone by Lisa Jewell I wanted to read more of her books. I picked this one up at my local library and jumped in. Getting a quarter of the way through the book I realized that this has a different feel and flow compared to Then she was Gone- not a s sick and sinister. I was a bit disappointed at first as I loved the perverse impression of Then she was Gone but The House we Grew up in had some other sort of pull for me. I am not sure how her other books go so if anyone has any comments or has read any of her other books please leave a comment below for me!

Spoiler Alert Sign

This story follows a family throughout their growing up and falling aparts. Lorelei is the mother of 2 daughters and twin boys. The story jumps from past to present story lines with the past story line progressively meeting the present. Lorelei is a hoarder which steadily gets worse as time goes on. Throughout the novel we see how her hoarding tendencies affects both her kids, her marriage and her sense of self.

In the past timeline we see that even her kids recognize that her saving every scrap of paper is not right. Lorelei especially likes the shiny foil on the chocolate Easter eggs. We get a glimpse as they are all at Lorelei’s sister’s and she saves a torn pool. The adults all laugh at Lorelei in front of Meg, her daughter. Right then Meg already at ends with her mother’s collecting starts to realize this is not a behaviour of a mentally healthy person. She sees that her mother may need help which only intensifies their relationship as time goes on. We see in her letters to the mysterious Jim Lorelei’s parents died at a young age, she also wet the bed until teens. Do we see a start of a mental disorder?

Image result for pretty easter egg foils

The initial family presented to us is a picture perfect family. Very early on we see this is not true. The problems are so ‘bad’ that one of Lorelei’s twins Rhys commits suicide. This is the final straw that breaks this family silently apart. Lisa Jewell makes you really wonder what it would be like to grow up in a dysfunctional family headed by a hoarder.

The present day view is of Meg is always the responsible one cleaning out the house they grew up in …lol.. After Lorelei dies. We notice that Meg has changed to be to polar opposite as her mother, maybe even to the extreme. She is a clean freak organization nut. She herself has 4 or 5 kids.

As the story goes on the family breaks apart and scandals hit one after another. Lorelei becomes a lesbian with their new neighbour. Ryan runs away with his no bullshit girlfriend Vicky to live on a hippie farm. Beth ends up sleeping with Meg’s husband. Their dad Colin ends up with Vicky after Ryan leaves Vicky with their daughter. … like I said one after another.

Image result for scandals

In the end Lorelei’s hoarding is so bad she dies of malnutrition and TB. The family find out how bad this is. They end up all coming back to the house they grew up in… had to lol…. and reconciling. Beth is pregnant so they all come to support the new life coming into their family after losing another life. Family is stronger than any issue or scandal that arise. After they clean out out the house Beth stays there instead of selling it with Ryan. It felt like a brand new house with the wonderful old memories of their childhood.

I can’t help but think the letters to Jim play a role in letting the reader understand why Lorelei is the way she is. The reader learns that Lorelei’s mother was raped and had a stillborn child. Their family did not talk about any of the issues, just buried them deep down. This is how Lorelei learnt to deal with stress and confront issues so she made herself feel better by buying and keeping items. This new information made me as the reader a bit more sensitive to Lorelei as a character. I actually felt bad for they way she died, all alone battling her demons. Before I thought she was mentally ill and refused to get help which made her family suffer. Lorelei dealt with Rhys’s death the only way she knew how and I cannot feel like she abandoned her family.

All in all I really enjoyed this family tale of hardship and coming together. What did you all think? Did this book make you want to go clean up your house or watch the TV show hoarders? Have you read anything else by her? Please leave comments below.

Image result for hoarders

Happy Reading!!!!!!

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Top 5: Books that Should be Made into Movie

Top 5: Books that Should be Made into Movies

So with all the remakes and live action movies coming out I thought we should get the book world more screen time! We all have mixed feelings about book to movie adaptations. They care either go really well or crash and burn, and let’s face it they usually crash and burn. The follow 5 books are stories that I think would transcribe to the big screen and the special effects would be mind blowing.

  1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This book sparks such vivid images in my imagination. I think the Night Circus would have breathtaking illusions on the big screen. All the different circuses the 2 magicians Marco and Celia conjure up could be visually dazzling in a movie. I would love to see the directors take on some of the circus themes and performances that take place in Le Cirque des Reves. The love story between Marco and Celia is so different than anything on the romance market it would be a nice break in the cinema.

2. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

I do love me a good post apocalyptic book and Station Eleven delivers. I would love to see how the world looks and the devastation after the Swine Flu pandemic. I love who all the characters are somehow connected to the pre breakdown of civilization. I think the flash back/ present day views would translate great to a motion picture. The dystopian apocalyptic genre has been really popular as of late and I think Station Eleven would be a nice addition.

3. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Myers

I think everyone who has read these books can agree if made into a movie the special effects would be out of this world. Cyborg, space and monsters all mixed together in a series of movies is a sure win at the box office!!! I would be interested to see their take on the how lunar cyborg aspect and how they would make the lunar people shimmer.

4. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

The first book that got me to truly love the historical fiction genre. I believe the sheer background and setting would make this a astonishing film. Any type of world war movies are usually a hit with movie goers. I would be so interested to see how they choose to portray Marie-Laure LeBlanc’s view as she is blind. Seeing the Sea of Flames jewel and the lengths Marie- Laure’s father goes to hide it would be so moving. All the Lights We Cannot see could translate to a heart wrenching movie experience.

5. The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

Lastly I choose the Hazel Wood because for the anticipation of how the visual and imaginatroy scenes would play out on film. This book was so whimsical and fantastic the visual effects/ scenes in the Hinterland would be so fun to view as a movie. Alice Three times would be a spooky and thrilling experience to sit through as well as all the stories Tales from the Hinterland. Seeing twice killed Katherine and her bird would be intriguing!

These are just a few of the book I choose as I think the visual and special effects would be out of this world. If you have any other book to movie suggestions I would love to hear them and they reasons why you choose it!

Happy Reading!!!!

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Book Review: Run Away by Harlan Coben

Book Review: Run Away by Harlan Coben



Run Away

Run Away was on my anticipated spring read list blog post on April 8th. This is a thriller/ suspense book and it does not fall short of the suspense. It was a fast paced thriller that kept you guessing the who, whats and whys. Run Away was the first Harlan Coben book I have read and I enjoyed it so much I will definitely seek out his other popular novels.

Spoiler Alert rubber stamp Stock Vector - 78174196

So this story follows parents Simon and Ingrid who appear to have lost their daughter Paige to the dangerous would of drugs. Their family is picture perfect, even to them, however after going to college Pagie changes. She becomes distant and meets an older guy named Aaron who introduces her to drugs. She cuts contact off with everyone including her brother and sister.

Simon gets word that Paige is singing for money in the Strawberry Fields at Central Park. He goes there to try and get her to go to a rehab program. This is against the wishes of Ingrid who seems to wash her hand of her daughters problems. Simon approaches his daughter but her boyfriend Aaron gets in the way and he punches him. Unbeknownst to him someone took a video of this and leaked it to youtube with the caption of rich putting down the poor and it goes viral.


Let just point out Harlan incorporates an all too real issue many people face in our social media driven society. Everything and anything we do can and will be recorder. This viral fame Simon receives only doe shim more harm when Aaron is found dead with his throat slash. Since his previous encounter the suspicion falls to him. The story then goes on from there to follow Simon playing private detective to try and find Paige as they fear she is in danger.

The story subplots to follow Ash and DeDe who appear to be hitman. As the story develops we see that these 2 people play a bigger role in the overall plot.

Simon and Ingrid so to Paige’s apartment and get details about their drug dealer. They then go to a sketch warehouse to see if this drug dealer will tell them where he thinks Paige was and bam bam Ingrid gets shot by a random guy–or is he?


A third sub plot twists in with Simon’s. Elena was hired by a businessman to find his son Henry Thorpe. Elena ends up going to Paige’s apartment just as Simon goes back to look for more clues. It turns out that Henry and Paige had been talking to each other just before they both disappeared. They both come to the conclusion that Paige turned different after she went to college and this correspondence happened when she was at college so it cannot be a coincidence. Simon talked to some ex-roommates and finds out 2 things. One that Paige was really interested in genetics and genealogy and second she may have been raped or sexually assaulted at a college party. When her roommate asked why Paige is acting all weird she blames it on stuff at home.

Elena also finds out that Henry new someone at a tattoo parlor (Damien) and guess what, Ash and DeDe killed him! As we find out more about the backstories of Ash and DeDe we learn that DeDe is part of a cult called Truth Haven. It consists of the leader called Truth and his 2 sons Volunteer and Visitor – the trinity.

5 Disturbing Cults You Can Still Join Today

So here is the huge spoiler alert. The cult leader ‘rapes’ I guess is the best word the females in his cult and his kids with them. If they are males they are entitled to inherit the money the cult had accumulated over time- apparently millions. The ‘prophecy’ states that the 2 oldest sons, not necessarily the 2 prophet sons’ can inherit the money – the Truth is dying. So the sick and twisted plot is that Aaron, Henry and Damien found out they are fathered by the same person through genealogy- enter Paige. Paige puts her DNA sample in too and see that Aaron and her are related on the maternal side. BaBaBa!!!!!!! So starts the crooked relationship of Aaron and Paige – half brother and sister.

At the end of the book Paige comes to see Ingrid in the hospital. Paige goes on to tell Simon that Ingrid put her in a reclusive rehab program she herself went in when she left the cult. This is why Ingrid told Simon not to find Paige. Ingrid could not tell Simon where Paige was without then telling him she was part of a cult before she met him.

I did leave out quite a few details of the book. Harlan has written such an intricate tale that it is best to read the book to get the full weight of the complex tale.

How did all of you feel reading the book. I had mixed feelings. I was kind of angry at Paige. Her family loves her so much and she put them through hell. However this brings up the question what would you do for the ones you loved? Please feel free to leave comments below! I would love to hear from you!!!!!!

Happy Reading!

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Top 5: Stephen King Books

Top 5: Stephen King Books


Hello all my book nerds/ Stephen King fans

Going along with my blog post last week the review of Mr.Mercedes, I decided to do a top 5 list of my favourite Stephen King novels. I love so many of his books that it was hard to pick just 5. As time goes on and the more books of his I read I’m sure this will become a more fluid list. For the time being these of my favourite books that gave me all the feels of chills and thrills.
















  1. Pet Sematary




This was the first Stephen King book I ever read. It has made such an impact on me as a reader. I still remember going to my local library as a ‘adult’ -one of the first books I picked out of my first adult fiction experience. I remember the typical musty paper library smell and feeling so grown up at the check out. I remember the look of the cover and the feel of the pages against my fingers. -oh the good memories books inspire . This book did not let me down! What a first read choice! A tribal burial ground that brings things back to life! My imagination was sparked trying to imaging this grungy cat coming back to the house after coming back from the dead.

2. Carrie

Signet 1975 tie-in edition

What can I say about Carrie except classic, classic King!. I do believe that this was my second King book that I read and it stands a number 2 on my list. King has a fascination for psychic abilities and this book fully revolves around this. Carrie literally scared the pants off me and kind of made me scared to have my prom. Carrie outlines the cruelty of teenagers and bullying, which I may add is a huge issue now a days. Only one mind could imagine soaking someone in pigs blood then kill off most of the teenagers/ facility in a forifying manner. The original movie was so great outlying the timid and scared Carrie in comparison to her crazy religious mother and their co-dependent relationship it does the book justice.

3. The Shining


So this may spark some controversy but I enjoyed the original book version of the Shining rather than the movie adaptation. I know the movie was good but the book was freaky. I think the scares in the book would have been way scarier on the real screen. The hedge animals almost made me have nightmares! I think the slow descent into madness was more unsettling in the book than movie. I feel the movie Wendy was kind of annoyingly pathetic but the book version was portrayed was weak but not irritating. This may be a very unpopular view but hey I like what I like.

4. Salem’s Lot

Vampires meet King, King meet vampires. I am really not a huge fan of vampire books/movie but I love love love King’s portrayal. The suspense in this novel was built up to the point I nearly split in two. The creepy immigrant Barlow was an excellent villain spreading his infection throughout the town. As per King’s usual even young kids are not exempt from the horrifying events and transactions that is a Stephen King book. Here I go again making my TBR longer than it needs to be but I would love to re read this book!

5. It


It cover.jpg




The piece de resistance, the clown that started it all (not including Gacy. It was a very intimidating read as per the length. Oh man did it scare the pants off me. I couldn’t walk past a sewer drain or old abandoned house without having flashbacks from the book. The only aspect of this book I could have done without was near the end of the book, yes for those who have read it they probably know what I am talking about. The Loser’s CLub having a ‘kid orgy’ may have taken it a bit too far from some readers, especially they younger ones. The TV mini series and Tim Curry are legendary!

So these are just a few of my Stephen King picks. I would like to hear from you guys and see what your favourite King novels are. He has touched so many readers with his creepy and sinister novels it is truly amazing!

As always

Happy reading!!!!!!!!!



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Book Review: Mr Mercedes

Book Review: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King


So being a huge Stephen King fan I was a little tentative to read this series as I have heard there is no eerie horror as per Kings usual books. I love the weird and uncanny knack King has for the supernatural phantasmal story telling. Mr.Mercedes is more of a mystery, detective novel which I found positively satisfying. Spoiler alerts ahead

This story follows retired detective Bill Hodges. Bill’s last unsolved case was the ‘Mr. Mercedes killer’ who drove a stolen mercedes car into a crowd of people waiting in line at a job fair. Right off the bat people die a gruesome dead, hello Stephen King!! The ‘killer’ Brady then contacts Bill via letter taunting Bill to kill himself the way the owner of the mercedes did….suicide! Bill then goes on a self fulfilling mission to solve his unsolved mystery and bring the killer to justice all while still being retired.

We identify that Brady is a regular Joe character who lives with his mother and has quite an inappropriate mother-son relationship. From this relationship we see the sick and twisted mind that can kill innocent people using a car as a weapon. As the case unfolds and we see more of Brady’s childhood. I found as the reader I couldn’t completely blame him for being the way he is. His mother replaced her husband with her son in every aspect. She even killed her youngest son with the help of Brady, nauseating much. This brings up the time old question are killers born a killer or made into a killer by their environment, nature vs nurture.

Mr. Mercedes

The fact that Stephen King made the killer just a regular Joe who was also the icecream man is a great move. This made me feel very uneasy about my own neighbourhood. The fact that anyone has the potential to be a killer, even the people we least expect is what hysteria is born from.

There is a recurrent theme throughout this novel of cyberterrorism and cyber crime. I think this topic is completely relatable to the real world where everyone’s information can be found on the internet. We live in a time, like Jerome states to Bill, where personal information security on the internet is more coveted than gold or diamonds. We see how easy it was for Brady to find Olivia’s (owner of stolen mercedes) information and contact her so he can slowly torment her into a swirling madness that only suicide can break. Psychological anguish being one of King’s specialities. We see this translate into a modern day problem with the recent facebook scandal.

MISA Zimbabwe position on the definition of cyber-terrorism

Bill collects 2 ‘partners’ along his investigative journey. The first unlikely partner is his next door neighbour and handyman Jerome. Jerome is still in highschool but Bill finds his knowledge of computers and unwavering loyalty invaluable in bringing in the ‘perk’. Haha couldn’t help it. I really enjoyed the loyalty a teenager feels to his neighbour. The second, and my favorite, partner turns out the be Olivia and Janey (olivia’s sister) niece Holly. She definitely has some psychological issues but after seeing Janey blown up she tries to overcome this to help bring justice for her 2 Aunts. To put the characters into context Janey hired Bill to investigate the mercedes killer because she suspected he pushed her sister Olivia into suicide. They developed a romantic relationship. The day of Olivia’s funeral Brady was going to kill Bill by blowing him up in his car but Janey decided to drive instead and boom she’s dead. Another typical King trademark is that no character is safe, especially the main characters.

One thing I found extremely entertaining and a nice surprise is Kings easter eggs he scatters throughout the book. These eggs are mentions of his own books within this book, brilliant. He mentions the book Christine when he is describing the cops finding the mercedes in an alleyway and parked behind it stating it looked like the car was going to come alive like ‘in the plymouth car book’. Totally Christine reference. Another Easter egg was when he mentioned was the killer wore a clown mask for the killing – definitely an It reference!

One other part of the book that screamed King was a quote near the beginning of the book. It talks about this hole in Iceland that is known for being extremely deep and goes on to say compare some souls as being so deep that you drop a stone and you never hear it splash. Here he is describing the souls of killers but I also think this can be paralleled to some of Stephens King’s books. They are just so unsetting and eerie that their ‘evil’ soul is just as deep and empty as this Iceland hole.

If anyone has read Mr. Mercedes and has any other comments or views I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment! How did you like this book compare to King’s other books?

Happy Reading!!

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Top 5: My Favourite Series

Top 5: My Favourite Series

I have been wanting to write a top 5 fav book series for a long time. I am a huge fan of reading a series. Getting to know the characters so deeply over 3,4,5 books is a thrill! I love investing in the worlds and all the side plots. Now this list is actually way longer than just 5 but these are the top series that have imprinted on my reading soul. If you have any series you have been enchanted by I would love to hear about them and as always grow my every daunting TBR list! So without any further adieu here we go!

  1. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Yes those books are as worn and used as they appear, hence why there are my #1! These were the very first books I read while transitioning into adult ’reading’. A brief reading history: my grandmother was an avid reader and passed down the reading bug to me. This was the first set of books she ever bought me. I have read this series 3 times in total and a few individual books a couple of times more. Reminiscing I have a hankering to reread this series over the summer…LOL . Very short summary for those who are not familiar with Anne and her shenanigans. This series follows the orphan Anne Shirley who is sent to live with a brother and sister by mistake, they wanted a boy to help around their house in Avonlea. It takes us on adventure after adventure with the spunky Anne to adulthood. I don’t want to give any spoilers but this series is full of hilarity, love and has its own hints of sadness. Avonlea and Anne will always have a special place in my heart. I hope to one day fuel the reading fire in my own children with this series the way my grandmother did for me!

2. The Finoavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay



This is a new read for me as of 2018 and instantly went straight to the top of list. The author is Canadian, a little bias here and the beginning is actually set in at the University of Toronto. Not for long though as this trilogy quickly sweeps us for the majestic and regal UOT to the fantasy world of Finoavar. This is a high fantasy book for the LOTR lovers, which I also am.(see #3 lol). It follows 5 main characters on their quests throughout this series and with the war against evil. The writing style of Kay is so divine. The inter-connectivity is simply breathtaking and pulls you in. We find near the end of this series how all the side plots are connected with one another and it is done in such a manner that cohesive makes sense. Not everyone can have 50 billion stories all intertwined – embellishment made on the numbers. Kay intertwines Celtic, Welsh, Norse, First Nations, and many other mythologies so it has a something everyone recognizes!

3. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkein



As per the spoiler above here is another high fantasy series that has made my top list. Really though, who does not like LOTR – if you don’t that completely acceptable I have just met more people who loved it than hate it. The LOTR is a celebrated classic trilogy that has also been made into the classic movies as well – in breathtaking New Zealand. I love the way Tolkien is so descriptive in his storytelling. They way he describes middle earth and the characters makes it easy to feel transported to these places. LOTR is the epic battle of good against evil and someone who you do not think could change the world stands up with so much courage and proves everyone wrong. The one ring to rule them all!!!





4. Millennium Series by Stieg Larsson


So the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was one of my first larger reads and I was super intimidated by it. While reading I couldn’t help fall in love with Lisbeth Salander. What a punk ass girl who does not take crap from anyone especially when life throws her so many shit balls. This initially drew me in and kept me reading book to book. The back story of how Stieg Larsson died only added to the mystery and pull of the books. He worked in politics and real life journalist.  He did research into the right-wing extremists. Due to the type of research he did he had to keep his address hidden, this is why some say he did not marry Eva. Was his death foul play or just his lifestyle catch up with him?

Millennium Series Complete Collection 1-5 by Steig Larsson and David Lagercrantz

5. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling —duhh



A top series list wouldn’t be complete without the good old H.P. listed somewhere. I fondly remember reading this series and anticipating when each new book was to be released. This was a turning point for YA and readers everywhere. It made all little kids imagine that an owl would show up to their house and invite them to Hogwarts and unveil that they are really magic! To be able to read this series to my future children who do not know what happens to the kid with the lightning bolt scar is a gift from Rowling.

HP Covers 7

I hope all of you enjoyed my fav series. If you have any top series I have not listed I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave comments below.



Happy Reading!!!!